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Stone Pillar Candle

Stone Pillar Candle


Beauty is not always in the eye of the beholder , sometimes, it is in the intricate details that make something truly special. This creation, with its base of small light pink stone, white sand, and concrete, is a testament to the artistry and creativity that went into its making. The top pink part, resembling a jar that holds wax, adds a unique touch by allowing for refills once the candle has burned out. And let’s not forget the exquisite wax flowers that adorn this masterpiece, adding a touch of elegance and charm. Stay tuned for more colors to come, as this beauty continues to evolve and enchant.
Unique beauty of this gorgeous base pillar candle is where the artful design lives on even after the wax is gone. Simply refill the top cup and let the elegance continue to glow.



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