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Pie Candle $34.95

Pie Candle $34.95


Introducing the Open Crimped Pie Candle, a sensory masterpiece that captures the essence of a homemade pie with its meticulously crafted design.

Each Open Crimped Pie Candle is a testament to detail and craftsmanship. The edges of the pie are crimped by hand to replicate the authentic, rustic feel of a pie crust lovingly pinched by a baker. The open-top design allows the intricate details of the filling to take center stage, with natural candle dyes painting a picture of a delicious, fruit-filled dessert. The realistic look is so inviting, you'll almost be tempted to take a bite!

With a generous burn time of 40-50 hours, the Open Crimped Pie Candle is not just a visual treat but also a long-lasting companion that will fill your home with an enchanting aroma.

The Open Crimped Pie Candle is more than just a candle; it's a piece of the heart, a story of resilience and passion, and a promise of warmth and sweet memories. Illuminate your home with this exquisite creation, and let its glow remind you of the simple joys of life, like a slice of pie in the comfort of home.



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